3 Potential landing spots for Spurs sharpshooter Doug McDermott

Doug McDermott - San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat
Doug McDermott - San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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When the San Antonio Spurs brought in Doug McDermott in the 2021 offseason, the signing was primarily seen as one of the smarter free-agent decisions the Spurs had made in recent years. The Spurs were a guard-heavy team lacking the three-point shooting they needed to space the floor for their drive-first-minded backcourt.

Since he's been with the Spurs, McDermott has held up his end of the contract, delivering the supplementary offense and quality three-point shooting that Spurs fans had hoped for. He was 7th in the NBA in three-point accuracy last season and has cracked the top 25 this season, coming in at above 40 percent from deep in both years.

McDermott made sense for the Spurs last summer and he still makes sense for them today. But the team today is vastly different than the one McBuckets originally signed with. Try as they might, this team is not contending for the playoff or play-in; they're lottery bound and their moves this off-season all but assured that.

The Spurs don't have to trade Doug McDermott to fast-track their rebuild. One could make a compelling argument that keeping him around would actually be better for the team in the long term than flipping him for assets before the deadline. But if San Antonio gets a compelling offer that meets their asking price of a first-round pick I'd expect them to listen. Here are a few teams who might be willing to match what the Spurs want and swoop McDermott away before the trade deadline.