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3 Paths to clearing cap space for Deandre Ayton

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3. Waive and trade a few guys

While I said keeping Lonnie Walker around while also signing a big name free agent would be unlikely, it's not impossible. I reached out to Paul Garcia to see if there's a scenario in which San Antonio decides to keep him around but manages to clear up some cap space.

"There's other ways, it just involves more trades," said Garcia. "Moving someone like Doug McDermott or Josh Richardson helps."

McDermott is currently set to make the second-most on the roster next year at $13.75 million to Dejounte Murray's $16.57 million. Richardson is third with his salary of $12.19 million.

"If they don't do that, waiving all the players on non-guaranteed contracts, trading the 20th and 25th picks, and trading Romeo Langford gets you to $32.6 million in space while keeping Lonnie, Doug, and Josh," continued Garcia.

Those four non-guaranteed contracts belong to Collins, Bates-Diop, Jones, and Landale. Again, there's a good amount of promising talent there but no one the Spurs would be crying over losing too badly for someone at Ayton's level.

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Essentially, multiple trades would need to be involved to clear up a max-level contract if Lonnie sticks around. If he doesn't, things get a bit more financially flexible for San Antonio. There are a few ways the Spurs can go about clearing up additional space if they really need it this summer. Let's just hope they'll actually need to.