3 Most important Spurs roster decisions Popovich must make in 2023

Gregg Popovich, Josh Primo
Gregg Popovich, Josh Primo / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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2. Who will be the Spurs' point guard of the future?

The Spurs have been fairly guard-heavy for a while now, but they're coming off a summer in which they dealt their best one. Now, it'll be up to the backup options to prove themselves worthy of taking the torch left by Dejounte.

In my head, there are three types of candidates for who may end up being the starting point guard this season: a wild card choice, an experimental choice, and a safe choice.

The wild card choice, as I've written about before, is the Spurs' latest draft pick in this summer's draft, Blake Wesley. In the Summer League, Assistant Coach Mitch Johnson was having Wesley bring the ball up to run the offense on multiple occasions even when Joshua Primo and Malaki Branham were also on the court.

The result was a mixed bag of head-scratching turnovers plus several big-time shots and impressive outings.

The experimental choice for Popovich at the starting point guard role is Primo. The 19-year-old is officially listed as a small forward but seems more than capable of playing all backcourt positions well. I could see Coach Pop experimenting with Primo to see how he can run an offense, even if he'll likely make many mistakes along the way -- particularly with turnovers.

The safe choice for this role, at least next season, would be Tre Jones, who took care of the ball better than anyone in the NBA besides his brother last season. Although he lacks a reliable jumper, Jones does just about everything else well as a point guard.

Is he the point guard the Spurs will stick with for years to come, though? He may have a lot to prove for that to become the case. If Primo pans out as the team expects him to, I wouldn't bet on it.