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3 Lessons the San Antonio Spurs learned in loss to Utah Jazz

Jordan Clarkson, Jack Landale
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3. Coach Popovich Should Divide the Minutes More

On Monday, Devin Vassell and Derrick White were the only Spurs to receive serious minutes and put up positive box plus/minuses.

Small sample size, I know, but it’s time the Spurs start to seriously consider giving their two-way guys and end of the bench players more action. While I’m glad that Jock Landale is getting a lot more playing time, I still think Drew Eubanks is one of the best hustle players on the roster, and adding some punch to the lineup is always a good thing.

The Utah Jazz are simply a better team, but in the final 1:50 of the game, Popovich tossed in Tre Jones, Joshua Primo, Joe Weiskamp, Drew Eubanks, and Devontae Cacok. The result was an eight-point swing in San Antonio’s favor, including high points of two defensive stops and 50% shooting from the floor. 

The Jazz even had to put their starters back in to keep the game from slipping away. The effort from the young guys was too little too late, but it showed that the Spurs’ roster really is 15 men deep. I wouldn’t mind seeing this lineup get nine or ten minutes a night, and I don’t think any fans would disagree with me. Even if they end up playing poorer than they did in the effort tonight, getting Jones, Weiskamp, and Primo some minutes here and there would be met with thunderous applause.

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Even 25-year-old Devontae Cacok has shown out in his limited time in San Antonio and has been a beast in Austin, averaging 19 and 12 over 14 games. Jock Landale is also past 25, spent a short stint in the G League, and is now very productive off the bench, so there is no one on the Spurs’ payroll who doesn’t have a lot of potential, regardless of age or experience.