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3 Lessons the San Antonio Spurs learned in loss to Utah Jazz

Jordan Clarkson, Jack Landale
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2. The Spurs Must Avoid Foul Trouble

The Spurs committed 24 fouls in the game. For context, they average 17 a game, which is the second-best in the league. The Timberwolves lead the league with 22 a night, so committing 24 is frankly absurd. Jakob Poeltl got in foul trouble early, and in the third quarter, it looked like Landale would be in a similar spot. 

The Jazz made the Spurs pay from the free throw line too. They shot 76% from the line on their 30 attempts, which single-handedlyt killed San Antonio and prevented the Spurs from getting any momentum.

Bojan Bogdanovic, to his credit, had a James Harden game where he got to the line several times and still whined about several no-calls. Jordan Clarkson also did, although he certainly did get hit without a reward.

While there were several foul calls on both teams that should have been a play-on in my eyes, the San Antonio Spurs could not get their effective defense going, which is a shame because their up-tempo and high-pressure defensive effort could have benefited heavily from fewer stoppages in play.