3 Hot Takes From Spurs' Blowout Win Over OKC Thunder

Josh Giddey, Keldon Johnson
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San Antonio Spurs
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2. Lonnie Walker Isn't Just a Scorer

I fully believe Lonnie Walker can eventually be a Jordan Clarkson level of a player off the bench and a future perennial Sixth Man of the Year candidate. When Walker gets hot, he’s unstoppable. 

Well, tonight in 24 minutes he was 1-of-9 from the floor and finished with only three points. Not a good outing at all if points are all you care about, but luckily, points aren’t the only thing that matter. 

Walker posted a box plus/minus of +7, which is not that great in a blowout win. He did manage to get three rebounds and two assists, which is pretty decent for an undersized shooting guard. Oh, he also had zero turnovers, which is something he’s been struggling with lately.

He also had two heads-up steals and one of the best blocks I’ve seen a Spur make since Tim Duncan retired.

It’s been suggested that he may be on the trade block, and with a high motor performance like he had on Wednesday, it’s hard to see why teams might pass on him if an “off night” includesgreat defensive and hustle effort. In a league that sorely lacks heads-up defense and effort on both ends, Lonnie Walker is proving his value.