3 consolation prizes from the rocky start to the season

Devin Vassell, Jeremy Sochan, San Antonio Spurs
Devin Vassell, Jeremy Sochan, San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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 The San Antonio Spurs were not expected to be any good this season, but after getting off to a 5-2 start and climbing up the ranks of the Western Conference, fans started to wonder if the future had arrived and if the Spurs could be competitive, even without a superstar to round out the foundation. 

A month later, the Spurs are a lousy 6-15, 14th in the conference behind only the Rockets, and the fourth-worst team in the league. This is more like what we expected, and even though there have been some bright spots, it looks like this will be a season fans would rather forget. 

The losses are stacking up, but fans should still have reason to celebrate, even if the on-court product is not where we would like it to be. The Spurs are a young, up-and-coming team, and the team has to weather the rain to see the flowers. As always, there is a silver lining. 

The Spurs’ draft lottery odds keep improving

As they sit presently, the Spurs have a 14% chance of landing Victor Wembanyama, the most hyped prospect I can remember. By now, you know all about the 7’3” (or taller) French phenom with a Curry-esque shot and Kyrie-like handles. 

I’m not here to present a thesis on why the Spurs would be lucky to draft him. Anyone who follows ball at all is salivating over the best prospect in recent years, and his play has been doing the talking. 

Even if the Spurs don’t land the generational talent in the draft, Scoot Henderson, Amen Thompson, and Nick Smith would all go first overall any other year, so as long as the Spurs can stay in the top four of the lottery, it looks like the star they need will soon call San Antonio home. The Spurs haven’t won the draft lottery since 1997, when they snatched Tim Duncan, one of the greatest players ever. The only other time they drafted that high? They got David Robinson. When the Spurs get a pick that high, they tend to land an icon.