3 Biggest surprises from Spurs insider's latest bombshell report

Jakob Poeltl
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Surprise #1: A Spurs-Lakers deal isn't dead yet.

Perhaps the biggest surprise to come out of Ellis' report is that the Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers haven't closed the door on a potential blockbuster deal that would include Russell Westbrook. The general consensus surrounding the Lakers appeared to be that they were focusing on smaller deals, and the Rui Hachimura for Kendrick Nunn and picks trade supports that.

However, Ellis' sources suggest that the Lakers are not only interested in Poeltl but also in Doug McDermott and Josh Richardson. A Westbrook, a top-five protected 2027 first, and a top-ten protected 2029 first for Poeltl, Richardson, and McDermott could be the framework of a possible deal that would greatly benefit both sides.

The Lakers would beef up their defense, add shooting, and greatly improve their depth, while the Spurs would get two very appealing, lightly protected picks, both of which could end up in the lottery. The holdup in this hypothetical deal could be the Lakers' resistance to giving up both of their tradeable firsts, Westbrook's improved play, and the Lakers' looking at alternative deals.

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We probably won't know if this deal or any of the aforementioned deals will actually get done until the day of the deadline itself. But we do know that the Spurs are actively seeking out the best possible deal.