3 Biggest no-brainer moves Spurs should make this summer

Devin Vassell
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Take the best player available in the NBA Draft.

No matter what happens, the Spurs are nearly guaranteed to land a top-five pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. That would be their highest selection since Tim Duncan in 1997. That's undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for the Spurs to improve their roster dramatically, but it also comes with some risks. Draft pundits expect Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson to be the first two picks, and if the Spurs land either one, they'd have a no-brainer choice on their hands. But after those generational talents, it's less clear who should come off the board next, and that's where the Spurs could run into some problems.

The Spurs have picked in the lottery for three consecutive years, taking Vassell, Josh Primo, and Jeremy Sochan. Vassell has already proven himself a worthwhile investment, and Sochan is well on his way to doing the same. However, San Antonio clearly reached on Primo. Simply put, there were better players available, such as Alperin Sengun. The Spurs can't afford to take such a gamble with a high lottery pick.

Taking a high-risk, potentially low-reward prospect with the 12th pick is one thing; doing it with the third pick is another. The Spurs should take the best player available and leave gambles for later in the draft. Ultimately, San Antonio is in a great position, and the team should play it safe this summer with the three previously mentioned no-brainer moves.

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