3 Biggest no-brainer moves Spurs should make this summer

Devin Vassell
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Extend Devin Vassell's contract.

Given the Spurs' track record of extending players after their third season, it looks like a safe bet that they'll do the same with Devin Vassell. Vassell is having a breakout season this year, but injuries have plagued him at every turn, and it's unclear when he'll play again. That may limit some of his negotiating power and work to the team's advantage.

Keldon Johnson's contract extension could serve as a model for how they handle Vassell. Johnson's deal was $74M over four years, and Vassell could earn around $80M, given his potential to exceed Keldon. Details aside, locking Vassell in on an affordable deal for the next four seasons (technically five, including year four of his rookie deal) would be huge for several reasons.

Beyond the clear benefits of having a rising star on an advantageous deal, the salary cap will skyrocket after 2024 when the NBA signs a new TV contract, which could literally double their current $4.2B arrangement. That would mean a drastic jump in the cap, and the Spurs could be well ahead of the curve by having their rapidly improving wings under long-term deals. The Spurs would be smart to extend Vassell this off-season.