3 Biggest no-brainer moves Spurs should make this summer

Devin Vassell
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No win-now moves

As it stands, the Spurs may fail to win even 20 games this season, a rare feat even among tanking teams. Regardless, the Spurs shouldn't make reactionary decisions based on what could be the worst season in the franchise's 50-year history. Signing a key free agent like Kristaps Porzingis might help fill seats and win a couple more games, but it probably won't be enough to bring the team back to the playoffs. 

Even if they snuck into the postseason, the Spurs probably wouldn't make much noise. Attempting to fast-track the rebuild is a big no-no. The Spurs will get a high lottery pick they can add to a solid core this summer, and another poor season could see the same result.

That's actually a good thing because it allows the team to slowly but surely improve as their players develop. It also affords San Antonio more time to evaluate which players are keepers. Organizations like The Process 76ers and Kevin Durant-led Thunder did just that and were better for it despite their extended rebuilds.

The Spurs should only make minimal changes in free agency, barring an opportunistic trade, and only sign players that could have a future with the team. Those decisions would be better for them in the long run and hopefully lead to them constructing another championship-caliber roster.