3 Biggest no-brainer moves Spurs should make this summer

Devin Vassell
Devin Vassell / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Despite struggling this season, the San Antonio Spurs probably won't be particularly active this summer outside of the NBA Draft. They are rebuilding, after all, and signing big-name free agents doesn't fit their timeline, even though the Spurs have the cap space to do so. Instead, the team should take a more measured approach to the offseason, similar to last summer. That decision may draw criticism given their lack of recent success, but it is in their best interest long-term.

Unlike with many other teams, the Spurs' general manager and head coach aren't likely to be fired, and that security affords them more time to reshape the roster how they see fit. With that in mind, here are three no-brainer moves the Spurs should make this summer.