3 All-Star Candidates Spurs' Dejounte Murray is Outperforming

San Antonio Spurs Dejounte Murray
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Dejounte Murray has been balling out all season for the San Antonio Spurs and has a chance of making his first NBA All-Star team. Still, despite his stellar play, his name hasn't even appeared on any of the official vote returns released by the NBA.

That means Murray is being overlooked by fans, who are in charge of voting for the All-Star starters. Fortunately, he'll still have a chance to make the team as a reserve, where head coaches will get a chance to fix fan oversight. Still, that's far from a given, and Murray getting snubbed is a real possibility, but that doesn't mean that he isn't deserving.

After all, great players are snubbed every year, and some of them are more deserving than the players picked over them. With that being said, let's examine three NBA All-Star candidates Murray is outperforming.

San Antonio Spurs
Klay Thompson / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

1. Klay Thompson

After missing 2.5 years of basketball, Klay Thompson is back playing for the Golden State Warriors. It's a feel-good story and that's cool and all, but it's insane to think that Thompson has far more votes than some of the best guards in the Western Conference.

I mean, I get it. Fans are voting for Thompson for sentimental reasons and Golden State is one of the NBA's most popular teams, so there's that. Nevertheless, Murray has been legitimately great this season and is being overlooked. To be clear, Thompson won't make the All-Star team, but there should still be a games played requirement to keep fans from wasting votes on players who've only played a handful of games.

That probably wouldn't have made much of a difference for Murray, who's outside of the top 10 leading vote-getters at his position in his conference. It does, however, keep fans from making the wrong decision like voting Thompson ahead of Murray when he's barely played this season.

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