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What 29 offseason rumors from every team mean for Spurs

Miles Bridges, Myles Turner
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San Antonio Spurs
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The 76ers Will Not Have Fun

This is more about me than the Spurs because I am the biggest James Harden hater out there. After a disappointing playoff run, even their fans couldn’t rank Harden top five on a really weird top PG list. The Sixers will not sign any free agents or make any big trades, and the Joel Embiid and Harden experiment will slowly burn the City of Brotherly Love down as they try and combine for 75 free throws a game. 

The Suns Are The Center of the NBA Galaxy

With Deandre Ayton being the big name this summer and the Spurs named as a top suitor, expect all eyes to be in Pheonix for what could be the Spurs’ biggest signing since LaMarcus Aldridge. Even if he stays or signs elsewhere, it will somehow affect San Antonio in ways big or small. 

The Trail Blazers Will Actually Try This Year

Between Damian Lillard, Jusuf Nurkic, and new additions Jerami Grant and Shaedon Sharpe, it looks like the Trail Blazers are fighting for a playoff spot. Unfortunately, so are the Spurs, and both teams are looking to avoid the play-in. But in my eyes, only one will make the playoffs outright. This could be a semi-rivalry this season since Dallas is just too good. 

The Kings Drafted a Win-Now Player

The Kings are all in, as much as Sacramento can be. Domantas Sabonis and De'Aaron Fox are in their primes, and rookie Keegan Murray is already 21 years old. Bless their hearts, they are trying. But with no free agent prospects or trade chips, they are stuck with what they have, which is a 37-45 team.