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2022 NBA Mock Draft 4.0: Dust settles on an unpredictable class

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2022 NBA Mock Draft
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29. . Baylor. . Jeremy Sochan. 9. player.

As I said repeatedly in my most recent piece on the 5 best, worst, and wildcard draft prospects for the Spurs, the competition for this selection is going to be very tight. While recent intel from Jake Fischer suggests that the Spurs will be targeting a center in the lottery, I’m not necessarily buying that assertion. Do I think the Spurs will be interested in players like Jalen Duren and Mark Williams in the lottery? Absolutely. But I think Jeremy Sochan’s defensive polish, ballhandling upside in transition in the pick and roll, and potential as a spot-up shooter will set him apart from the pack.

Almost every successful team in the modern NBA needs a player that can be thrown onto an opposing team’s best offensive player at the point of attack. While the Spurs have several capable wing defenders and one of the better defensive guards in the league in Dejounte Murray, Sochan’s size, lateral quickness, and strength put him on a tier over most, if not all of the Spurs’ current young core players. He provides a level of two-way versatility both in terms of skill and athleticism that I think Brian Wright and the rest of the Spurs front office are actively looking for. 

Does this feel a bit too perfect to be the player the Spurs actually select? Yes. The Spurs will have several possible options at the 9th overall pick, and there are legitimate arguments for taking players like Jalen Duren, Dyson Daniels, and AJ Griffin (among others) over Sochan. But looking at Sochan’s game on paper and taking into account that the 2023 NBA Draft will likely have several high-quality centers available, Sochan feels like the best long-term option available.