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2022 NBA Mock Draft 4.0: Dust settles on an unpredictable class

Chet Holmgren
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2022 NBA Mock Draft
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. Arizona. player. . . Bennedict Mathurin. 5. 64

Bennedict Mathurin seems to be consistently locked into the 7-11 range on many mock drafts, but I think there’s a chance that the bouncy 3-point sniper can go a couple of spots higher. In this scenario, I have the Detroit Pistons taking him 5th overall in what may seem like a bit of a reach. But I think a player that is an elite athlete and has a case to be the best movement shooter in the draft may not be such a reach at 5th overall.  

I don’t think Mathurin will necessarily be able to come into the league and create his own shot immediately, but if he lands in Detroit with Cade Cunningham, he may not need to. The Pistons already have their centerpiece, and while they would have obviously loved to have one of the top four players in this draft, their front office should be perfectly content coming away with a high-level complementary piece that excels playing away from the ball.  

While Shaedon Sharpe will surely also be in contention for this pick, he strikes me as a bit too big of a gamble and a bit too isolation-heavy to play next to Cunningham. Mathurin will come in as an elite threat in transition, a high-quality floor spacer, a legit lob threat off cuts, and perhaps even a slightly better defensive player than advertised in a reduced offensive role.