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2022 NBA Mock Draft 4.0: Dust settles on an unpredictable class

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2022 NBA Mock Draft
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. Gabriele Procida. 27. 110. . Fortitudo Bologna. player.

When I think about Miami Heat players, I think of guys that are in fantastic shape, can shoot the ball, and have a high motor. The Heat aren’t known for drafting many international players, but I think Gabriele Procida could be an exception in this case. 

Procida is one of the most explosive athletes in his class, can shoot the cover off the ball when he gets in a rhythm, and has great size at 6’7”. He’s more physical and has more defensive upside than I think he’s given credit for, and some flashes suggest that he’ll have a reliable pull-up game at the next level. He has the tools to be a clear-cut 1st round prospect in my mind and think there’s a significant chance he could be taken earlier than this.  

This is yet another late 1st round pick that I think could be on the move, particularly if the Heat are targeting another star player to add to the roster, but if they keep the pick, they’ll have interesting options here. Moussa Diabate is another player that has Miami Heat written all over him and I think will draw some interest here, but Procida would be too great of a value in the late 20s to pass on.