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2022 NBA Mock Draft 4.0: Dust settles on an unpredictable class

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Ismael Kamagate. 29. . Paris Basketball. . 25. player.

The Spurs will be surely looking either to trade up in this draft if they see a second player they like or trade out of this draft in favor of a 1st round pick in 2023 or 2024 or some other asset. Rostering more than two rookies this season seems unlikely, but if the Spurs do keep most or all of their picks in this draft, they’ll need to begin thinking about draft-and-stash candidates in the late 1st round. In this scenario, I have them selecting Paris Basketball’s Ismael Kamagate.

The intrigue in Kamagate lies in his raw athleticism and two-way upside. Despite a slightly questionable feel for the game on defense, he’s a superb shot-blocker and has some upside as a switchable defender on the perimeter. On offense, he’s quick on his feet and will be a constant rim-running threat in transition and off cuts. He also appears to have good touch around the basket, which bodes well for his potential as a shooter. 

Kamagate is on the older side for a center prospect at 21 years old, though, so I expect the Spurs to explore other draft-and-stash prospects as this spot. Most notably, I think Gabriele Procida will be a serious option in the late 1st round that could even be selected over Kamagate, but because the Spurs already took Jaden Hardy earlier in the 1st round, Kamagate’s fit makes a bit more sense here.

If the Spurs look to trade up in this year’s draft, I think the most likely candidates (in order of likelihood) will be the Cavaliers at 14th overall, the Hornets at 13th or 15th, the Bulls at 18th, and the Knicks at 11th.