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2022 NBA Mock Draft 4.0: Dust settles on an unpredictable class

Chet Holmgren
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2022 NBA Mock Draft
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If the top nine picks of the draft shake out this way, the Washington Wizards should be sprinting to the podium to select Dyson Daniels. Including TyTy Washington, Daniels is one of only two point guards in the draft that I give a lottery grade, and Daniels is by far the superior defender. Rumors seem to suggest that Daniels is a “lock” to be selected in the top ten, so, if he truly does make it all the way to the tenth spot, considering the Wizards desperately need a floor general, this would be an absolute steal. Jonathan Wasserman even seems to think Daniels won’t fall past 8th overall. 

Even so, in this scenario, the Wizards may have one other player to (briefly) think about: AJ Griffin. For those that haven’t noticed up to this point, he’s on a bit of a freefall compared to some of his mid-season lottery projections and debatably could have been considered the “best player available” a few picks ago. The Wizards have several young wing players that I think they’re content with, though, and adding a 6’8” defensive-minded point guard that could have easily been selected in the top eight gives them more size, versatility, and playmaking. 

I think the Wizards could also consider Malaki Branham here, and they'll perhaps even think about Jalen Duren at this spot if they’re planning on moving on from Daniel Gafford, but expect Daniels to be the pick if this is how the draft fleshes out.