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2022 NBA Mock Draft 3.0: Pre-lottery look at every team's best option

Jaden Ivey
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Kendall Brown, 2022 NBA Mock Draft
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. . 86. player. Baylor. Big Wing/Forward. Kendall Brown. 19

One of the most explosive athletes in this class, Kendall Brown is a work in progress. The 19-year-old is an exceptional at-rim finisher with jaw-dropping bounce who loves taking creative angles and building steam toward the basket. Though his highlight reels will showcase a high vertical leap and glamorous dunks, Brown also specializes in slithering through defenders for exceptional lay-ins.

Things become more complicated when looking beyond his at-rim abilities. Though Brown’s 38.9% 3-point mark and 70% free-throw percentage suggest his shot may translate, he’s not a very confident shooter. Whether it’s off dribble separation or a kick-out, Brown isn’t always ready to take his 3-pointers. Hesitating on jump shots doesn’t work in a fast-paced NBA environment where there’s always someone ready to close out on shooters.

Brown’s handle has come along nicely, though he’s not much of a creator himself. On any given possession, he can get caught one step behind the play. Still, the willingness to participate in unselfish actions and contribute to something bigger than himself is highly encouraging. That attitude also translates through a fantastic cutting ability. Brown stays keyed in on his defender and pounces at the basket when he sees daylight.

Given the Minnesota Timberwolves’ current core, selfless wings with size and length are going to be a differentiator come playoff time. Brown is a project player who needs the right environment to channel that one-of-a-kind athleticism and spunk. Still, with other players ahead of him on the depth chart, Brown can make an impact in limited minutes while maturing his game behind the scenes.