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2022 NBA Mock Draft 3.0: Pre-lottery look at every team's best option

Jaden Ivey
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Tari Eason, 2022 NBA Mock Draft
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Forward. Tari Eason. player. . . 13. 170. LSU

Disruptor: That’s the single word that best describes Tari Eason’s game. A ballhawk who plays defense like he’s holding a grudge, Eason is a phenomenal event creator. Blending ideal height, strength, and length, Eason battles on every play with sheer will and grit. He’s perpetually energetic, battling for rebounds and diving for loose balls to give his team an edge.

As you might imagine, that can also be to his detriment. He's prone to foul quite often and may turn the ball over when overexcited. Still, if his most significant issue is that he tries too hard, you’re probably in a good spot. On top of that, Eason is a violent dunker who loves building steam toward the rim and exploding for plays that often shift momentum in his team’s favor. Beyond the simple dunks, Eason is a reliable finisher with his dominant hand and draws a ton of fouls in the process.

Eason showed promise as a shooter after transferring from Cincinnati, hitting 37.1% of his 3-pointers and just under 80% of his free throws. There’s a chance for him to be consistent as a deep shooter with similar flashes in his in-between game. Charlotte would be adding serious rim pressure and a lob threat who could make LaMelo Ball’s life easier by doing all of the little things a team needs to claim victory. That undying commitment to winning makes him an easy player to root for.