2022 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: New Names Enter the Top 30

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. . Nikola Jovic. Mega Bemax. . 24. player. 29

The San Antonio Spurs are up at the podium for the third time, and with the 24th overall pick, they select Nikola Jovic of Mega Bemax.

Even now, I highly doubt that the Spurs choose to roster three rookies. If they do choose to draft three players, though, and the board looks like this up to this point, Jovic could be one of the best options remaining. He’s been projected to go as high as the mid to late lottery, so if he’s still on the board by the 24th overall pick, he could be a good option to pair with Eason and Diabate.

While Eason and Diabate are known mostly for what they do on defense at this point in their careers, Jovic is known for his high-level passing and shooting upside for being a 6’10” wing. By the time the draft rolls around, Jovic should prove to be a very interesting case study on how much NBA teams value defense in an oversized wing. While Jovic’s offensive profile will likely pique the interest of several teams, his horrid defense could deter many from selecting him earlier in the 1st round.

Spurs fans have frequently compared Jovic to Luka Samanic, but I’d argue he’s better at just about everything on offense. If he’s surrounded by good defensive players and NBA floor spacing, his offensive game could come alive and look far better than it does in Europe. This would certainly be a swing for the fences, but a good one at 24th overall.