2022 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: New Names Enter the Top 30

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2022 NBA Mock Draft
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. MarJon Beauchamp. . G-League Ignite. player. 147. . 23

With the 23rd pick in the draft, the Brooklyn Nets select the G League Ignite’s MarJon Beauchamp.

The Nets are in a similar position as the Nuggets, but I think they’ll have a lot more pressure to get over that NBA Finals hump with more urgency. I’m more or less certain that they’ll attempt to move this pick for a role player already in the NBA, but if they’re somehow forced to use the pick, MarJon Beachamp is the player to choose if he’s still available.

Outside of needing Ben Simmons to make his return, I’d argue that the Nets need better connector pieces to bring their stars together. Beauchamp is a player that prides himself on doing the dirty work for his team.

While I don’t think he’ll ever be a #1 option on offense, he’s a great cutter, attacks closeouts well, can finish through contact, and has some flashes of a pull-up game in the midrange. He isn’t the most instinctual defender in this draft but plays with a lot of hustle and has more than enough athleticism to compensate. He also plays with a very consistent level of awareness and takes advantage when a player loses focus with the ball in their hands, leading to a lot of his transition offense.

While he’ll already be 21 years old by the draft and has really struggled shooting the ball this season, I think he’s a better shooter and has more upside than he’s usually given credit for. Considering that he worked his way from JUCO all the way to being in first-round draft conversations, I think his work ethic will also bode well for him come draft time and that scouts and front offices alike will think highly of him. Beauchamp probably deserves to be taken off the board a bit earlier than this, so this selection would be a great deal for Brooklyn.