2022 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: New Names Enter the Top 30

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2022 NBA Mock Draft
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Kendall Brown. player. 211. 21. . . Baylor.

After having a lottery pick in the first version of our mock draft, the Memphis Grizzlies are on the clock for the first time in version 2.0, and with the 21st overall pick, they select Baylor’s Kendall Brown.

Despite Kendall Brown being a bit hesitant with his jump shot, he screams Memphis Grizzlies to me in just about every other way. He’s uber-athletic to the point that he reminds me a bit of Jericho Sims, he thrives in transition, is incredibly efficient around the rim, and makes tons of winning plays. Like his teammate Jeremy Sochan, he has a very good feel for the game and is comfortable with or without the ball.

Being that he’s one of the best cutters in the NCAA in half-court situations, the Grizzlies won’t have to worry about him taking the ball out of others’ hands. When the ball does make it to his hands, however, he’s more than capable of making good reads and high-level passes to open teammates. In transition, assuming he’ll be running next to Ja Morant, I have a hard time seeing just about any situation in which the result isn’t a bucket. 

Considering Brown is debatably an even better defender with the ability to guard three or four positions, this selection would mark yet another draft steal by the Grizzlies.