2 Spurs Who Might Lose Starting Jobs Next Season

San Antonio Spurs Gregg Popovich
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1. Doug McDermott

The Spurs have gotten pretty much everything they expected and more out of Doug McDermott this season. He's moving well without the ball, spacing the floor, and knocking down triples at a rate of 44.1%. That said, his starting job is far from a sure thing next season.

San Antonio already went younger by replacing White with Vassell in their starting five, and they could be tempted to do so again with 30-year-old McDermott.

Of the starters, McDermott is the one that struggles most on the defensive end. At 6-7, he also doesn't help a lot on the glass, which is something teams usually expect from the power forward position.

While unlikely, a scenario in which the Spurs insert Zach Collins as the team's starting four can give them the size they've been lacking for a few years while taking some pressure off of the other guys to help out with boards.

San Antonio could also opt to use their trove of 1st-round picks in the upcoming draft to either draft an NBA-ready big to take McDermott's place as a starter or pick up another project as they did with Primo. Whichever way they decide to go, Doug's starting gig is solid but not unbreakable next season.