10 Reasons Victor Wembanyama should be hoping to land on Spurs

Victor Wembanyama
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3. History of greatness

Most draft prospects are often too young to remember when the team that selected them was great, or they might have grown up rooting for a different franchise. But San Antonio's dominance should matter to Wemby since the organization will expect him to lead them to a championship sooner rather than later. Going to the Spurs could help him achieve that goal. The Spurs are among the most successful organizations in league history, with a track record of winning throughout their 50-year existence.

2. Culture

Over the past 30 years, the Spurs have carefully built a highly respected culture that began by drafting selfless franchise cornerstones such as Robinson and Duncan. Wembanyama seems to fit that bill well and could thrive on a team that values intangibles like culture in a way that other clubs may not put much emphasis on.

1. Fit

Last but not least, the fit should be a key reason why Wembanyama should want to join the Spurs. The team needs superstar upside wherever they can find it, and he would slot into the starting lineup immediately. Tre Jones is a capable point guard who can get Wembanyama the ball in the right spots, and that pairing could fit like a glove.

Vassell and Johnson can shoulder a large share of the scoring load, and Sochan is a do-it-all power forward who also serves as an enforcer if teams try to bully Wembanyama. Ultimately, we'll have to wait until May to see if the San Antonio Spurs select the french wunderkind. Regardless, Wembayama has at least ten reasons he should want to become a Spur.

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