10 Reasons Victor Wembanyama should be hoping to land on Spurs

Victor Wembanyama
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6. A young core to grow with

No matter who selects him, Wembanyama will play on a terrible team. Despite this, the Spurs have already started building a roster featuring several promising young players. There are the more prominent players like Vassell and Johnson and newcomers like Jeremy Sochan and Malaki Brahnam, the oldest of whom is merely 23 years old. If Wembanyama joins the Spurs, he can grow with these players.

5. Hall of Fame Head Coach

While it's unclear how long Gregg Popovich will remain head coach in San Antonio, he appears lively enough to stick around for another couple of seasons, especially if the Spurs get Wembanyama. Learning under Popovich, who has extensive experience coaching star big men like David Robinson, Tim Duncan, and LaMarcus Aldridge, would be an excellent way for him to begin his career. Other teams, such as Houston or Detroit, can't say that. Wemby could learn a lot in a short amount of time playing under Popovich and be all the better for it.

4. Learning from Tim Duncan

Spurs legend Tim Duncan is no longer an assistant coach for the team, but he could still play a role in developing Wembanyama. Duncan has worked with several young Spurs players over the years, and there is a lot he can teach Wembanyama.

He may not be a low-post force on day one like Duncan was, nor do the Spurs need him to be, considering today's game doesn't revolve around post-ups. Wembanyama could learn plenty of tips and tricks from Duncan to help him become a more well-rounded offensive player and a menacing rim protector.