1 Shoo-in, 1 dark horse candidate for Spurs' final two-way contract

By Noah Magaro-George
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Gabe Brown
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Does Gabe Brown deserve consideration?

Should the Spurs look outside their organization, one north-of-the-border prospect should grab their attention. Gabe Brown has been on a tear from beyond the arc, nailing 43% of his 6.2 three-point attempts per game with the Raptors 905. With San Antonio ranked 25th in volume and percentage, it might behoove them to add another sharpshooter.

Brown also garnered a reputation as a solid defender during his four-year career at Michigan State. Standing six-eight with a 215-pound frame, deft feet, and a seven-foot wingspan, he has all the physical tools you want in a multipositional stopper. Despite his length, Brown doesn't register many blocks or steals, and he can be undisciplined as a team defender.

The 22-year-old combo forward must rework his defensive fundamentals, but he knows his role on the other end. While Brown isn't a self-creator or gifted passer, he is a threat as a relocator from the corners and a trailer in transition, and high-hand contests don't affect his release. He can also hit the occasional pull-up triple, supplying another dimension to his game.

Because Brown is proficient from practically everywhere on the perimeter, defenders turn on the afterburners for their closeouts, allowing him to get downhill, which is also an optimal outcome since he converts 68.6% of his shots at the basket. The Spurs could use a low-usage high-efficiency role player, and Gabe Brown fits the bill.

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