1 Prospect From All 64 NCAA Tournament Teams to Watch

Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero
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Adama Sanogo
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5. UConn - Adama Sanogo, F

Most intriguing attribute: Adama Sanogo's post-up game is impressive, with his biggest game in that department coming last fall against projected 1st round pick Walker Kessler and Auburn.

How he'd help the Spurs: Envision Devontae Cacok minus a few years and with a couple of inches added, and you have Sanogo. He'll give you energy inside on both ends and do some dirty work down low. That said, Cacok is much more polished and probably makes Sanogo redundant -- at least for this year's draft.

NCAA Tournament
Mike Peake / Sam Wasson/GettyImages

12. New Mexico St. - Mike Peake, F

Most intriguing attribute: Over his last two seasons in the NCAA, Mike Peake has shot 41.4% from downtown on 1.4 attempts per game.

How he'd help the Spurs: Although he's a bit undersized for the Spurs as a 6-7 forward, Peake's outside shooting would be his biggest asset to the team. That said, he's not quite ready for the jump.

NCAA Tournament
Jaylin Williams / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

4. Arkansas - Jaylin Williams, F

Most intriguing attribute: Williams has really grown in his second year as an interruption on defense, averaging 1.4 steals per game as a 6-10 forward. The only player in the NBA averaging that many at that height or taller is Nikola Jokic.

How he'd help the Spurs: Jaylin's lack of an outside shot doesn't make him a good fit in San Antonio, but he'd be a force inside and on the glass.

NCAA Tournament
Ryan Davis / Ryan M. Kelly/GettyImages

13. Vermont - Ryan Davis, F

Most intriguing attribute: Ryan Davis has shot over 40% from three on over three attempts per game in each of the last two seasons.

How he'd help the Spurs: At 6-8, Davis could be a stretch four in smaller lineups that brings efficient offense to the table.