1 Prospect From All 64 NCAA Tournament Teams to Watch

Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero
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6. Colorado St. - David Roddy, SG

Most intriguing attribute: Efficiency and defense. Roddy shot a blistering 57.2 % from the field, which is impressive enough without mentioning that he’s a guard. He doesn’t really play like a guard, however, and often operates out of the post, where he is surprisingly skilled. Defensively, he gets after it, as shown by him averaging 1.1 blocks and 1.2 steals. 

How he’d help the Spurs: Roddy is a bruising guard who can score, rebound, and defend. That’s useful, for sure, and he has shown that he can even knock down open threes. He’s sort of an unusual player, but he’s versatile enough to adjust his game and play more on the perimeter.

NCAA Tournament
Hunter Dickinson / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

11. Michigan - Hunter Dickinson, C

Most intriguing attribute: Low-post scoring. Dickinson is sort of a throw-back center who can consistently get buckets in the post. Standing at 7’1, he makes good use of his size and footwork, and he's even developed a reliable and effective lefty hook shot.

How he’d help the Spurs: The Spurs already have three centers under contract next season but none of them can score in the post as well as Dickinson can.

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Kennedy Chandler / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

3. Tennessee - Kennedy Chandler, PG

Most intriguing attribute: Getting to the rim. Chandler makes full use of his speed to attack the basket and is a crafty finisher in the paint.

How he’d help the Spurs: While Chandler is expected to be taken in the first round, he plays the same position as Dejounte Murray and Tre Jones. Therefore, Chandler probably won’t be selected by San Antonio.

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Isaiah Wilkins / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

14. Longwood - Isaiah Wilkins, SG

Most intriguing attribute: Effort level. Wilkins has bounced around going from school to school but has played well for Longwood this season. Wilkins doesn’t do one thing especially well but plays hard, and that's something.

How he’d help the Spurs: San Antonio could use high-energy players like Wilkins. That effort level and his offensive skill could be enough to carve out a bench role with the team.