1 Prospect From All 64 NCAA Tournament Teams to Watch

Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero
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5. Houston - Marcus Sasser, SG

Most intriguing attribute: 3-point shooting. Sasser is one of the best shooters in the country, drilling an alarming 43.7% of his 8.6 attempts per game

How he’d help the Spurs: San Antonio has struggled with 3-point shooting in recent seasons and Sasser's shooting ability would be worth a look. However, he plays a position that the Spurs appear to be set at, at least in the immediate future.

12. UAB - Jordan Walker, PG

Most intriguing attribute: Walker is a professional scorer. He might be one of the shortest players in the NCAA tournament, but few can score quite like he can. At just 5’11, he makes up for his lack of height with lightning quickness and a deep range. In fact, he shot 40.3% on his 8.6 attempts per game. Additionally, he averages 20.4 points per game, which ranks 14th in the nation.

How he’d help the Spurs: Unfortunately for Walker, despite his impressive scoring prowess, his lack of size probably limits him to a bench role with the Spurs. Even then, he could still thrive playing in short bursts given how good of a shooter he is.

NCAA Tournament
Kofi Cockburn / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages

4. Illinois - Kofi Cockburn, C

Most intriguing attribute: Interior scoring. Cockburn’s size and sheer strength make him a legit problem to defend inside the paint, and he frequently draws double-teams as a result. Cockburn still averages a terrific 21.1 points on 59.8% shooting.

How he’d help the Spurs: He probably isn’t going to bully NBA players as he does now. That being said, he has the size and athleticism needed to become an above-average roll-man and lob threat for the Spurs.

13. Chattanooga - Malachi Smith, G

Most intriguing attribute: Two-way ability. Smith has put together a strong, well-rounded season for the Mocs. He's averaging 20.1 points, 6.7 rebounds, 3.1 assists, and 1.7 steals per game. 

How he’d help the Spurs: Smith has developed into an incredibly efficient scorer and can get buckets in a number of ways. Additionally, he's a good defender, which makes him a theoretical fit on the Spurs.