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Spurs: A Trade for Myles Turner is a win for both sides

Myles Turner (Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports)
Myles Turner (Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports) /
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San Antonio Spurs: Myles Turner (Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports)
San Antonio Spurs: Myles Turner (Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports) /

Despite trumping meager preseason projections, the San Antonio Spurs still find themselves in the bottom half of the West, occupying the 10th seed to qualify for the play-in. With the team unlikely to get a high draft pick on board, the Spurs’ front office should try to kick off this eventful offseason by foraying into trades. One player the front office should monitor is Indiana Pacers center, Myles Turner.

The Pacers have relatively underachieved this season, primarily due to injuries hounding them once more. Thus, the odds of them making significant roster changes are increasing by the day, as the team faces a real possibility of missing the postseason.

Currently, both San Antonio and Indiana find themselves in the least enviable position as a middle-tier team: not good enough to win a title but not bad enough to tank. However, neither has shown a willingness to intentionally scavenge for losses and jockey for a higher draft position.

With the offseason’s crop of free agents suddenly thinner with stars re-signing with their current squads, trades may be the primary vehicle for player movement, and the Spurs and Pacers can certainly help each other in that sense.

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