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San Antonio Spurs record more fan favorite H-E-B commercials

By Tyler Clerkin
PHILADELPHIA, PA - FEBRUARY 8: LaMarcus Aldridge /

The San Antonio Spurs filmed more commercials for H-E-B before the 2017-18 season.

The San Antonio Spurs have done commercials with local Texas grocery store H-E-B in the past. With the new season approaching, it was time to record some fresh content. Some members of the team got together on Saturday to do just that.

For years these commercials have given fans a closer look at the humor their favorite team posses. Even the silent superstar Kawhi Leonard uses this opportunity to showcase his comedic side.

Since there are new faces on the team, it was time to break them in. All-Star LaMarcus Aldrige made sure to give Rudy Gay a proper welcome.

Although we do not know what the commercials entail, fans should be excited to know that they are coming back for this season. We have seen all sorts of different scenes performed by the team.

We have seen all sorts of different scenes performed by the team. Tony Parker has conducted his own cooking where his teammates turned into his students. We have seen Manu Ginobili and Leonard steal wood from the gym to create their own chicken retreat. No matter what crazy idea they come up with, in the end, it always comes back to an H-E-B product.

Due to some of the photo’s we saw from the shoot, it is safe to say that these might be the best ones yet.

It was announced over the weekend that Leonard will miss the entire preseason to rehab his right quad. While this is not a major injury, it will keep Leonard away from certain activities the Spurs are attending. Leonard did not play in the silver and black scrimmage on Saturday and it was announced he will not be traveling with the team to Sacremento for the first preseason game.

But, that did not stop Leonard from going out to record these commercials. He has been known to steal the show in some of the scenes they record. I mean come on, who hasn’t seen him try to act fancy while muttering “indubitably” over a steak.

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Be on the lookout for some exclusive teasers for these commercials here.