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Rudy Gay compares East, West to WCW, WWE

By Rob Wolkenbrod

San Antonio Spurs forward Rudy Gay made a comical comparison of the Eastern and Western Conferences to the old WCW and WWE.

The San Antonio Spurs didn’t make a headline-grabbing move in the offseason, unlike other Western Conference teams. Their biggest move was Rudy Gay, while the Rockets acquired Chris Paul, the Thunder picked up Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, the Timberwolves traded for Jimmy Butler and the Warriors kept their core of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

George, Anthony and Butler came from the Eastern Conference, which reduced its star power. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving remain, as well as Gordon Hayward, the only big name to go from the West to the East.

It’s a lopsided talent landscape in the WWE, which players are picking up on, including Gay. He compared it to a battle of WCW (East) and WWE (West) on Twitter:

Eastern conference and the western conference is going to be like WCW and WWF back in the day

— Rudy Gay (@RudyGay) September 24, 2017

Gay’s comparison isn’t crazy, to say the least.

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WCW was a defunct wrestling promotion that battled the WWE in the 1990’s for TV ratings. WWE dominated the ratings war in from 1998 and on. It led to Vince McMahon’s (owner of the WWE) purchase of WCW in 2001, which he absorbed into his company and dropped the name “WCW.”

While the Eastern and Western Conferences won’t merge, there’s a clear talent advantage for the latter. It’s evident through most of the West, compared to the two or three viable squads in the East. That will stay this way for the 2017-18 season, with the best chance at change in the 2018 offseason. Players like George, DeAndre Jordan, Russell Westbrook and DeMarcus Cousins will hit free agency next summer. Will any of them go to the East?

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Might the Eastern Conference surprise NBA fans in 2017-18? Or is it all about the loaded teams on the other side of the country?