San Antonio Spurs: Top 25 players in franchise history

By Rob Wolkenbrod
LOS ANGELES - FEBRUARY 3: (Left to Right) Bruce Bowen
LOS ANGELES - FEBRUARY 3: (Left to Right) Bruce Bowen /
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NEWARK, NJ – FEBRUARY 11: Tony Parker
NEWARK, NJ – FEBRUARY 11: Tony Parker /

4. Tony Parker

Tony Parker is another player from the 2000’s-era San Antonio Spurs that’s seeing his career wind down. He’s on his 17th season in the NBA, which will make you feel old since he started in the 2001-02 season.

Parker may never get his due as one of the NBA’s best point guards of the 2000’s given he never played for a flashy team or made headlines for an outspoken comment. It’s difficult to argue with anything he did from 2001-15, however.

Peak Parker came in his age 24-26 seasons, and not the usual 28-31 range (injuries and longevity in the NBA did this to him). He made two All-Star Games during this time and looked like one of the NBA’s most athletic and best point guards. The age 26 season in 2008-09 proved to be his best, with 22 points and 6.9 assists, while making the 2009 All-Star Game.

However, the shining moment for the Frenchman came in the 2007 season, when he was the star of the NBA Finals and won the series’ MVP Award. If anything, that’s what really put him on the map at age 24.

For the next 10 seasons, Parker put up top-10 production at the point guard position, but dealt with injuries almost every season. In the latter years, Gregg Popovich has rested him in hope of keeping him preserved for the playoffs, while limiting regular season minutes. That worked fine for a while, until Parker tore his quad in the 2017 Western Conference Semifinals.