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San Antonio Spurs: Adam Hanga says contract, team spot was guaranteed

By Rob Wolkenbrod

Adam Hanga took to Instagram to say the San Antonio Spurs guaranteed him a contract and spot on the team.

In early June, it looked like the San Antonio Spurs were set to get Adam Hanga on the NBA team. The organization selected him in the 2011 NBA Draft and nearly had a six-year wait conclude.

That changed, however, when Hanga signed a multi-year contract with Barcelona. It came as somewhat of a surprise, due to the speculation around his impending arrival in the United States. However, as the offseason went on, the Spurs’ roster closed up, which limited the space for the Hungarian-born player’s spot.

On Wednesday, Hanga took to Instagram to thank Baskonia, the Euroleague team he played the past two years for. He also cleared the air about the Spurs, claiming they guaranteed him a contract and spot on the team (h/t

Thank you @baskonia1959 HELLO!! @fcbbasket

A post shared by Adam Hanga (@hangaadamonline) on Aug 23, 2017 at 6:32am PDT

It’s interesting Hanga said this, but one has to wonder if any of the offseason moves impacted this from happening, which he didn’t note. Manu Ginobili opted to return to the Spurs for the 2017-18 season, so that could have changed San Antonio’s course. It should be noted Hanga signed the Barcelona deal nearly two weeks before Ginobili’s return came to light, but it’s also possible the Spurs were aware well before the official announcement of the Argentinian’s plan for a 16th season.

Hanga will play for Barcelona for the next three years, with a €1.5 million NBA buyout. It’s difficult to think the Spurs will pay that if they planned on giving him the minimum salary, so his best chance of arrival is when the deal expires. That will be at age 31, so will San Antonio even take him?

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The Spurs don’t have to relinquish rights to Hanga, so it’s likely he’ll remain a European farmhand for them. Aside from him, look out for other potential imports like Nikola Milutinov, Olivier Hanlan, and Nemanja Dangubic.