San Antonio Spurs Rumors: Kyrie Irving will commit to extension

By Rob Wolkenbrod
CLEVELAND, OH - JANUARY 30: Kawhi Leonard
CLEVELAND, OH - JANUARY 30: Kawhi Leonard /

If the San Antonio Spurs acquire Kyrie Irving, they’ll get a commitment from him. However, can a deal even be pulled off?

The San Antonio Spurs have been connected to Kyrie Irving, who wants a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, for a while. This includes an offer made for the star point guard. Other teams made an attempt at him, too.

Well, after one month of rumors, the Spurs remain in the mix. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, San Antonio has interest in Irving, who’s willing to sign an extension with the team. This comes after a report of him not willing to do this. Wojnarowski noted the Spurs as a potential team to give the Cavaliers “win-now” pieces like LaMarcus Aldridge, Danny Green, and Tony Parker. He said the only way this works, is if LeBron James commits beyond the 2017-18 season, which he has yet to do.

With James’ status unknown, it’s made the Cavs desire an “elite young player” for Irving. Outside of Kawhi Leonard, a player it would be difficult to see the Spurs move, they are without this on the roster, as of August 15.

If the Cavs are desperate enough to win a title in June 2018, then players like Aldridge, Parker, and Green make sense. They’re all on one-year deals, however, with Aldridge and Green having player options for the 2018-19 season and Parker an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2018.

The Spurs’ competition may be the New York Knicks, who Wojnarowski also said have a primary trade interest of Cleveland’s — Kristaps Porzingis. He’s a young, controllable player for the Cavs to take and build around.

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It’s plenty to digest as the Irving sweepstakes continue. Nothing seems imminent for his departure, or on the Spurs’ chances of trading for him. Given there are two months left before the start of the regular season, there’s plenty of time to get something done.