San Antonio Spurs: Top 5 PPG leaders in franchise history

By Rob Wolkenbrod
SAN ANTONIO, TX - JUNE 15: David Robinson
SAN ANTONIO, TX - JUNE 15: David Robinson /

The San Antonio Spurs have a long history, but who are the top five points per game leaders in the franchise’s time in professional basketball?

The San Antonio Spurs have had a long line of elite scorers, even going back to their time in the ABA. These players led the way in the franchise’s NBA championship runs, dating back to 1999 with the first title win.

There are some top names on the list of San Antonio’s all-time points per game leaders. Who heads the list at No. 1?

Coming in at No. 5 is Mike Mitchell. He played with the Spurs from 1981-88, averaging 20.1 points per game. Four of Mitchell seasons in the Alamo City (five if the midseason trade in 1981 is counted) were 21-plus points per game averages, most of which came on the forgotten teams of the pre-David Robinson era.

Donnie Freeman enters the list at No. 4. He played just one season under the San Antonio Spurs banner (the others were under different team names in the Spurs franchise), which came near the end of their time in the ABA. Freeman’s career average is 20.5 points per game.

Larry Kenon takes over the No. 3 spot on the all-time points per game leaders in Spurs history. He played five seasons in San Antonio, averaging 20.7 points through the 1970’s.

No. 2 belongs to David Robinson, who spent his entire career with the Spurs. He averaged 21.1 points per game, which built up through his dominant stretch from 1989-96.

George Gervin takes the top spot as the all-time leader in points per game in Spurs history. He put up 26.3 points across parts of 12 seasons; four of them saw the Iceman lead the league in scoring.

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The Spurs had plenty of big names put up significant numbers in the scoring department. Will anyone new ever break into the top 5?