San Antonio Spurs: Watch Kawhi Leonard’s Jordan Brand Commercial

The San Antonio Spurs had its star player, Kawhi Leonard, involved in a commercial for the Jordan Brand.

Kawhi Leonard had a terrific 2016-17 season for the San Antonio Spurs. Leonard put up a career-high in points, with 25.5 per game on an average of 17.7 attempts, something else he hadn’t done before. It led the Spurs in the first year of the post-Tim Duncan era, as he retired months before last fall.

Leonard’s season was so noteworthy, that it put him in the top three of the MVP voting for the 2017 Awards, which will be announced on Monday night. He’s up for the Defensive Player of the Year Award, as well.

The 2011 NBA Draftee did something before the June 26 event, however, as he starred in a commercial for the Jordan Brand. Named “The Kawhi Question,” it asked whether Leonard could score on himself after two people debated over his offense and defense. The full clip can be seen below:

A Jordan Brand version of Inception — somewhat. Well, maybe not, but still entertaining to see Leonard get his own commercial. It came at a convenient timing, with him being up for the MVP Award. Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder and James Harden of the Houston Rockets are also up for it.

Commercials like this will only continue if Leonard’s star grows. That will go with potential award wins, NBA championships and improvement on his impressive statistics; his points per game have increased in every season of his NBA career. Maybe a new shoe will even be on the way for the former San Diego State star.

Everyone will see on Monday night if Leonard walks out with hardware. It could be a big night for him in individual accolades, while the Spurs look to get the team squared away for next season.

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