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San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors: Takeaways and Star

By George Middleton

The San Antonio Spurs (38-7) fell to the Golden State Warriors (41-4) 120-90 on Monday night. Tim Duncan missed the game with soreness in his right knee. San Antonio snapped their 13-game winning streak.

It was truly an embarrassing performance for the Spurs as this was supposed to be the “game of the year”. San Antonio shot 42 percent from the field and committed 26 turnovers leading to 32 Warriors points. It was a strange performance considering the Spurs have shut down nearly every opponent. Golden State shot 52 percent from the field but they committed 21 turnovers. Kawhi Leonard led the Spurs with 16 points in 25 minutes. Golden State is 21-0 at home this season.

Key Takeaways

-Where was LaMarcus Aldridge?

Despite going up against an elite defender in Draymond Green, there was no reason for LaMarcus Aldridge to struggle significantly. Aldridge is a terrific offensive player and has a four-inch size advantage on the 6’7 power forward. The 30-year-old finished with five points (2-9 fg) and three rebounds in 25 minutes.

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Tony Parker disappointed

Not only was Tony Parker a disappointment offensively (five points), he was a disaster on defense. Stephen Curry went for 37 points and he didn’t play a second in the fourth quarter. San Antonio didn’t need Parker to shut down Curry but he needed to at least, contain him.

-Defensive struggle

Defense has not been an issue for San Antonio as they have the best scoring defense in the league. On Monday night, they allowed the most points they’ve allowed all season. The only thing the San Antonio Spurs did well on defense was force 21 Warriors turnovers.

Star Performer:

In such a terrible loss it’s hard to pick a star. The two players that played the best were Leonard and Boban Marjanovic.


David West finished with 12 points and five rebounds.

Boban Marjanovic went for 12 points and six rebounds in 13 minutes.

-San Antonio Spurs outrebounded 45-38.

-San Antonio is 14-7 on the road.

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