Spurs Danny Green Passes Larry Bird On Career 3-Point List

By Michael Rehome

Danny Green is in a shooting slump. All you can do is hope that he finds his stroke sooner rather than later. But Green was made aware he has passed one of the leagues best in 3-pointers.

The Spurs sharp-shooter has made more from beyond the arc than Larry Legend. The Boston Celtics Legend Larry Bird made 649 career 3-pointers over 13 seasons. Green surpassed Bird during Saturday’s win against the Atlanta Hawks. He went 1-0f-5 from 3-point range on Wednesday against the Washington Wizards bringing his total to 651.

Though he reached this feat in half the time of Bird, he still sees it as ‘mind-boggling’ that he passed such a great shooter. He then questioned if Bird had the 3-point line his whole career.

(H/T Michael C. Wright/ESPN)

“That is mind-boggling,” said Green, who has 651 career 3-pointers to Bird’s 649. “I did not know that. I think it’s probably because he didn’t have a 3-point line the whole time. Is that true? Did Larry have a 3-point line his whole career?”

In one season Green managed to connect 191 3-pointers–Bird’s best season was 90. In their careers, Green is a 41-percent shooter as Bird finished his career connecting on 37-percent.

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This season Green has hit a struggle from beyond the arc. Through 27 games, he has connected on 36-of-123 3-point attempts for a dismal 29-percent.

Green has mentioned of his shooting struggles and feels the support from his team. In order to get out of a slump, you have to keep shooting when open. For Green, he tries works hard in other areas to help the team win.

“It takes some years of maturity, of being in this league and being a professional. Obviously my coaches encourage me. My teammates encourage me every day. They’ll tell me not to worry about it and shoot the next one,” Green said. “They believe every time I shoot it that it’s going in. It took me a couple of years to not worry about it so much, and [not] put so much pressure on it. [I] just do other things: rebound, play defense, get steals, block some shots, run transition, open up the floor. My job out there is to space the floor, to be a threat.

We know what Green is capable of doing from beyond the arc. Here is a little something to remind us all that he will be just fine.

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