Spurs Jonathon Simmons Making The Most Of His Minutes

By Michael Rehome

Spurs Jonathon Simmons has heard his number being called often from Head Coach Gregg Popovich. Over his last six games he has performed at a high-level.

He is starting to become a fan favorite with his high-flying acts. Simmons has shown growth over the last six games for the Spurs. Though, most of the playing time has come in garbage time of games, it has been nice to see Popovich calling his number sooner rather than later.

In 24-minutes against the Philadelphia 76ers, Simmons finished with a season-high 14 points. It was a thrashing by San Antonio as their defense held the Sixers to just 68 points overall.

Over his last six games, Simmons has been averaging 22 points, 8.5 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game. On the season Simmons is averaging just under seven points a game.

Against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday, Simmons finished with nine points and seven rebounds as the Spurs put on a clinic on the defensive end of the floor.

He is that player that shows that he will be ready and do what he needs to when his number is called. His energy and athletic ability goes unnoticed. In a most recent game, he showed the athleticism as LaMarcus Aldridge went for a jump on the baseline and clearly put up an airball, out of nowhere Simmons comes flying in and puts it back for a dunk.

Here is the proof.

Simmons can quickly get off of the floor and if it is not Kawhi Leonard dunking the ball, Spurs fans now wait and see what Simmons will be able to pull out during a game.

Look for him to get his number called early and often in the Spurs game against the Jazz Monday night at the AT&T Center.