San Antonio Spurs Game Grades vs Memphis Grizzlies: Bombs Away

By Michael Rehome

The San Antonio Spurs were simply on fire Thursday against the Grizzlies from 3-point range.

Entering the game, Leonard was ranked in the top five amongst 3-point percentages. He showed the Grizzlies that his place was no coincidence.

Leonard was feeling it from the outside. He was responsible for seven of the teams 10 makes from 3-point. When you are a shooter and you get into a rhythm like he was in, you just feel that everything shot will go in.

The rest of the team followed suit as they too contributed. Shooting 50-percent from the field. Though their defense has been getting a lot of the attention lately, their offense shined Thursday night.

With the shooting slump that Danny Green is in, it is nice to see others picking up the pieces. Green still had an important part in the win.

What is good about this team is they pick up one another. When they see a teammate down, they are encourage them to continue to shoot.

A total team every in the 103-83 win.

17 points (8-12 FG), 7 rebounds, 5 assists — What more could you ask for from your point guard? Parker had an amazing game against the Grizzlies. A great match-up between he and Mike Conley lived up to the billing. These two always seem to push each other to the limit and Thursday night was no different. Parker found his shot. His teammates gave him the opportunity to get open with screen and rolls as well as screening for him.. PG. San Antonio Spurs. TONY PARKER. A

SG. San Antonio Spurs. DANNY GREEN. D. 2 points (0-5 FG), 2 rebounds, 2 assists — Unsure what is going on with Green this season. He was all out of sorts during the game. Hopefully he can find his shot sooner rather than later.

27 points (7-11 3-PT), 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals — I am in awe and continue to be with the play of Leonard. There was a time in the game where Duncan was amazed at what he was seeing from Leonard after he hit a three right in front of the Spurs bench. He is a very special player. He gave the Grizzlies fits through-out the game.. SF. San Antonio Spurs. KAWHI LEONARD. A+

A. 18 points (7-14 FG), 4 rebounds, 3 blocks — Aldridge is coming into his own now. He played an excellent game on both ends of the floor .. PF. San Antonio Spurs. LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE

A. 6 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks — Coming off of a double-double, Duncan still played a great game against the Grizzlies despite scoring just six points.. C. San Antonio Spurs. TIM DUNCAN

A. 33 points, 17 rebounds, 12 assists — The second unit did what they needed to do. Coming off of a 50 point performance on Wednesday night, they came out and scored 33 against the Grizzlies. Manu Ginobili paced the bench with 13 points.. Bench. San Antonio Spurs. SECOND UNIT

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