San Antonio Spurs News: Looking Back At The Loss

By Michael Rehome

Wednesday’s game against the Washington Wizards was not a pretty one. The Wizards came out on fire. For the Spurs, they were flat. After seeing themselves down 19-2 early on.

Tony Parker was out of sink. He could not buy a bucket. Which made the decision for Gregg Popovich to bring in Patty Mills earlier than usual. The team settled and started chipping away at the lead. The NBA game is one of many runs. Spurs did just that. As they Wizards went on one in the first, the Spurs ended on their own. At the end of one, the Spurs climbed back and took a one-point lead, 23-22.

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What doomed the Spurs through-out the game were turnovers. As a team, the Spurs committed 20 turnovers. What made this hurt more, the Wizards capitalized and scored 28 off of the mistakes.

With the game in the second half going back and forth, the fourth quarter pretty much summed up the way the night went for the Spurs. As they were starting to do everything right, and a three-pointer by Parker to tie the game, a defensive breakdown led to a Bradley Beal buzzer beater to win it for the Wizards.

From around the inter webs, many Spurs sites were breaking down the final play and giving their reactions to the Spurs and Wizards game.


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When everyone is contributing and the back court is playing up to their potential, the Washington Wizards are really good. Beating a team like San Antonio at home is going to be huge for Washington going forward. They needed a signature win — a win that shows everyone what they’re capable of doing.

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The Spurs lost the game due to a lack of communication on the defensive end, but this was also a play the Spurs haven’t seen yet so far this season and this was also the first time the Spurs played the Wizards this year with no real scouting report.

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He’s a hellava player

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