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Tony Parker’s rating on NBA 2K16 must be adjusted

By George Middleton

Basketball fans favorite video game series NBA 2K just released their newest game, NBA 2K16 for this upcoming season. Every year the video game has player ratings for the players. The ratings go as high as 99 and players usually have no lower than a 60.

This year there were a few controversial player ratings for a few Spurs players. This week, I wrote an article on why Tim Duncan‘s 87 rating was too high. NBA 2K16 rated many of the Spurs highly. LaMarcus Aldridge was given an 88 rating, which is a fair rating for the dominant big man. Aldridge was an 88 on NBA 2K15 as well.

Manu Ginobili‘s 78 rating is a bit higher considering he’s in the range of Tobias Harris (79), Brandon Knight (80), Rudy Gobert (79), and Khris Middleton (79).

Danny Green‘s rating of 77 is slightly lower than expected, as he is coming off a career season. Green is a terrific shooter, and he fills it up in the blocks and steals categories.

Kawhi Leonard‘s 87 rating is a notch above where I expected, but it’s not controversial.

Tony Parker‘s 83 rating in the video game is controversial. The 33-year-old is coming off an inconsistent season, plagued with injuries. Parker averaged 14.4 points and 4.9 assists last season.

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Parker’s rating is higher than the following players:

Bradley Beal (80)

Eric Bledsoe (82)

Goran Dragic (81)

Monta Ellis (81)

Draymond Green (82)

Andrew Wiggins (80)

After seeing this list, one can make the case, that the players listed are as good as Parker or better. A fair rating for Parker is around a 79 or 80. I know what most Spurs fans are thinking, he is a terrific point guard. This rating is based off of now, not the past.

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