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San Antonio Spurs Season Review: Matt Bonner

By George Middleton

Matt Bonner had arguably the worst season of his NBA career understandably. The 35-year sharpshooter only averaged 13 minutes a game. Bonner is a one-dimensional player (shooter) and needs to be out there big minutes to get any production in most categories. What did Matt Bonner do right and wrong this year? Find out below!

D+. Matt Bonner averaged 3.7 points and 0.7 assists. It wasn’t necessarily the minuscule production that gave him such a low grade, it was his inefficiency. For a guy that has been fairly efficient for a jump-shooter his whole career (46% field goals, 41% threes), he shot lower than usual. Bonner finished the year shooting a career low 41% from the field and 37% from three, his second lowest percentage in a season. That three point percentage is solid for most, but for a guy that can only contribute in that area, it’s slightly lower. Bonner’s season high in points was 18 against the Philadelphia 76ers.. PF. Offense. MATT BONNER

PF. Defense. MATT BONNER. C-. Matt Bonner is not a good defender despite having a high understanding of it. His lack of speed and athleticism really hurts him despite being 6″10. Bonner finished the season averaging only 1.6 rebounds and 0.2 blocks, but he did have a few surprising moments on this end. Against the Memphis Grizzlies on December 5, 2014, Bonner matched up against <strong><a href=

C-. I don’t think anyone with the right mind would’ve imagined Bonner finishing with a higher grade on defense than offense. Bonner had a disappointing season but he didn’t get much opportunity as he has in other seasons. If Bonner returns next year I doubt it will be better, but you can’t expect worse.. PF. Overall. MATT BONNER

Below is a Matt Bonner video uploaded by DownToBuck. The video is of Bonner’s highest scoring output of the season (18 points) against the Philadelphia 76ers.