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San Antonio Spurs Season Review: Boris Diaw

By George Middleton

Boris Diaw was rock solid for the San Antonio Spurs this season, despite having a mixed role at times. Diaw stepped up his production in the postseason and seemed to perform better for the Spurs when they needed him. What did Diaw do right and do wrong this season? Find out below!

B-. Boris Diaw came off the bench in 66 of 81 regular season games for the Spurs. Diaw had a different role when <strong><a href=. PF. Offense. BORIS DIAW

Defense. BORIS DIAW. C. Boris Diaw will never be considered a terrific defender, as he doesn’t have the speed or athleticism that most players possess. However Diaw has instincts and the IQ that many of the elite athletes lack. Diaw is also a versatile defender as he can defend both forward spots in some cases and even some centers depending who the matchup is. Diaw averaged 4.3 rebounds in about 24 minutes, which can be improved on. Diaw showed the value he brings on the defensive end in the playoffs, as he was the only Spur that can matchup with <strong><a href=. PF

PF. Overall. BORIS DIAW. C+. Boris Diaw played terrifically in the postseason making big shots and at times defending at a high level. The Spurs are better served giving Diaw 25-30 minutes on a daily basis, as he can score in multiple ways and most importantly makes plays for teammates.

Below is a Boris Diaw video uploaded by DownToBuck. The video is of Diaw’s highest scoring output of the season (23 points) against the Los Angeles Clippers.

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