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San Antonio Spurs Season Review: Tony Parker

By George Middleton

Tony Parker‘s season was in a way disastrous as it was filled with much disappointment and injury. Despite the bad there was still some positive moments for the 33-year old guard. What did Parker do right and do wrong? Find out below!

C. Tony Parker missed 14 games with a hamstring injury, but wasn’t at 100% for a heavy portion of the season. He averaged 14.4 points and 4.9 assists, the lowest season averages in both categories since his rookie season. Despite the drop off in both categories, Parker was still efficient as he shot 49% from the field. He also shot a career high 43% from three. In a positive note, Parker averaged the lowest turnovers per game since his rookie season (2.1). There wasn’t many big moments for Parker this season, but he did have 32 points against Chicago and 31 points against Cleveland in the same week. In the playoffs there wasn’t any big moments for Parker as he averaged 10.9 points on 36% field goals.. PG. Offense. TONY PARKER

PG. Defense. TONY PARKER. C-. Tony Parker will never be seen as a terrific defender, however he hold his ground more times than not. In many cases Parker defends the weak link on the perimeter with versatile defenders <strong><a href=

Tony Parker was efficient and played within the team concept, but he was a disappointment for the most part, particularly in the playoffs. Next season Parker must remain healthy and must be more aggressive in order for the Spurs to go back to contending status.. PG. Overall. TONY PARKER. C-

Below is a Tony Parker video uploaded by American Basketball Best Highlights. The video is of Parker’s highest scoring output of the season (32 points) against the Chicago Bulls.