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San Antonio Spurs Season Review: Tim Duncan

By George Middleton

Now that the Spurs season is over, I will review how Tim Duncan fared this season. At the age of 39 Duncan had his worst statistical season but he was still highly productive. The biggest question this season “Will Duncan return or retire?”

B-. Tim Duncan averaged a career low 13.9 points and added 3 assists a game. He shot 51% from the field and 74% from the free-throw line. The dip in production could’ve been impacted by the 28.9 minutes he played this season, a career low as well. While Duncan had as many quiet games in a season he has had his whole career, he showed the ability to turn it on when needed in certain situations. In the postseason he had four 20 plus point games. In the season Duncan had a 30 point game against the Clippers, 32 points against Portland. Duncan also got a triple double against Memphis. While Duncan is surely not an automatic 20 plus points like he was a few years ago, he is still highly productive.. PF. Offense. TIM DUNCAN

PF. Defense. TIM DUNCAN. B+. While Tim Duncan isn’t the same scorer his defense is still at an elite level. Duncan averaged 9.1 rebounds and 2 blocks a game. He has the ability to play both spots down low and has the feel and IQ that one can only dream of on defense. He still competes and has the drive to win even a meaningless season game. Duncan finished with 33 double-doubles in the season as well.

B. Tim Duncan is still one of the better players in his position. He can still grab a double-double on a nightly basis when given the minutes and he is an effective defender. The only question left for Duncan is whether he will return next season?. PF. Overall. TIM DUNCAN

Below is a Tim Duncan video uploaded by American Basketball Best Highlights. The video is of Duncan’s second highest scoring output of the season (30 points) against the Clippers.