San Antonio Spurs Season Review: Kawhi Leonard

By George Middleton

Now that the Spurs season is over, I will review how Kawhi Leonard did this season. Leonard’s hand injury early in the season could’ve cost him his first all-star appearance, but it didn’t stop him from winning the Defensive Player of the Year.

SF. Offense. KAWHI LEONARD. B. Kawhi Leonard went from averaging 12.8 points in 2013-14 to averaging 16.5 points. However it did come at a cost, Leonard’s field goal percentage dipped from 52 to 48. His three-point percentage also went down from 38 to 35. Despite the dip in his percentages, Leonard was still efficient from the field. He also does a terrific job of not making mistakes, as he averaged 1.5 turnovers. His assists have also risen to 2.5 after averaging 2. In the playoffs Leonard stepped up his production even more as he averaged 20.3 points on 48% field goals.

A+. Going into the season Kawhi Leonard was seen as a great defender, but now he has cemented himself into the highest level. Winning Defensive Player of the Year and leading the league in steals (2.3), speaks volumes. Leonard also improved as a rebounder this season, as he averaged 7.2 rebounds. The one thing that makes Leonard a great defender is that he doesn’t let his higher usage rate on offense, disrupt his defense. Leonard can defend 3-4 spots on the floor with ease and does so with success, which means only one thing: a great defender.. SF. Defense. KAWHI LEONARD

Overall. KAWHI LEONARD. A-. There were only two things that Leonard didn’t do this season, that he probably would’ve wanted: Championship and all-star appearance. The all-star appearance can come as soon as next season as long as he is healthy and if the Spurs get a good free-agent or make a move for a good player they will contend. Leonard had 14 double-doubles this season after only 7 the previous season. Overall Leonard had a marvelous season, with the only true negative in his own right as an individual, being that he missed 18 games with a hand injury. If Leonard shows the same improvement he showed this season for next year, he will be one of the premier players in the league without question.. SF

Below is a Kawhi Leonard video uploaded by Free Dawkins. The video is of Leonard’s career high 32 points in game 3 of the playoffs against the Clippers.

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